A Celebration of Human Life

As of August 2008, the global human population stood at over 6.689 billion. The average number of births in 2007 was recorded to be over 130 million. The average number of registered deaths was about 60 million in 2006, but the unregistered number is undoubtedly much more, especially in countries affected by mass disease, poverty, and internal conflicts.

In the timeless cycle of humankind existence, such countless numbers of souls have come and gone through the ages. The lives of a special few are recorded and remembered in the annals of history, but the majority rely on descendants to carry on their memories and legacies. And still others arrive to this Earth only to have their lives snuffed out with barely a passing glance by others — forever forgotten in the sands of Time.

This Web site celebrates the idealogy that every Life is important, every Soul special and unique. Media celebrities and world dignitaries may be the ones constantly having their frivolous antics, outlandish lifestyles and sporadic acts of human kindness recorded for posterity, but it is the ordinary people who are the true heroes, by virtue of their very ability to exist and thrive in this world of uncertainties and unequal fortunes. Not even the corpses crowded into mass graves during periods of global genocide should be considered just a statistic — each of those bodies was someone’s Son, someone’s Daughter, someone who mattered enough to be given the gift of life to!

Lives Remembered aims to record the memories of ordinary people, regardless of age, race, sex, education, and religion / creed. Lives worth special remembrance are those who have suffered and endured great physical and mental hardships without ill-will, and those who committed actions that touched the lives of others in a positive way.

If you know a person living or deceased who is(was) special to you or had done something special for others, then we invite you to share their story on this Web site. It is hoped that the inspiring lives of others will encourage the rest of us to live life in a meaningful and positive way.

Mission Statement

Lives Remembered aims to be a Web site that inspires in a positive way. Although we welcome all contributions without general discrimination, we do not wish to publish or promote stories of hate and intolerance towards any person or group. If you find a story on our Web site that does just that, please contact us to have it removed.