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Editing Clients

My current & some past clients include the following:

Companies providing Editing, Writing, & Translation Services
All Languages
Editage: Cactus Communications Inc.
IMC Information Solutions Inc. (IMCIS)
Proper English AB

International Scientific Societies
Asian Surgical Association
Korean Society for Microbiology and Biotechnology
Society of Obstetricians and Gynaecologists of Canada

Academic Publishers
Irwin Publishing
John Wiley & Sons Canada
McGraw Hill Canada
Pearson Education Canada

Science, Technical, Medical (STM) Publishers
BC Decker Inc, Publisher
Decker IP
Core Health Services Inc. / Mechanisms in Medicine
Elsevier Science Canada
GEX Publishing Services
National Research Council (NRC) Canada Research Press
Springer-Verlag Hong Kong

e-Learning Companies
Nitromedia Communications Inc. (producers of the Cram It! series in 2001)
The Learning Library

Visiting scientists and postgraduate students from abroad

"I find May very easy to get along with, always on time with her deadlines (and in fact usually ahead of deadline), and her work always professional with attention to detail."

Lynne Gulliver
Coordinating Editor, Mathematics
Pearson Education Canada


"May always delivers – quality and timeliness. I can always rely on her."

Cecilia Chan
Managing Editor
Secondary Science Division
Pearson Education Canada
“Projects like this one focus on the big picture, covering off all the important topics and making sure the information is accurate and helpful. However, to be delivered to the printer, the ‘devil is in the details.’ May Look, our Developmental Editor, was critical to this process. It helped that she has an inspired sense of humour. We wondered if this was a job requirement.”

Michael Evans, MD
University of Toronto
Editor of
"Evidence-Based Family Practice: A Sourcebook"
published by Elsevier Canada
(excerpt from Acknowledgements)
“LookCreative provides quick and accurate work. All my projects with May published on time due in no small measure to the reliable copyediting work she provided. Especially during crunch time, May is someone you would want to be on your team.”

Maria Reyes
Production Editor
BC Decker, Inc.

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