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Edit Background:
I specialize-but do not work exclusively-in the editing of material related to the Graduate and Research level sciences. With my teaching and laboratory research experience, I can provide technical editing of texts related to Biochemistry, Biotechnology, Molecular Genetics, and Microbiology. I have copy edited, produced, and project-managed international scientific journals and books in these areas as well as in the subjects of Chemistry, Nuclear Physics, General Surgery, and Business Studies.

Rates can be on a page, hourly, or flat-rate basis. This depends on the type of service provided and is further negotiable according to the nature of the project (such as the level of language difficulty, texts to figures ratio, density of math and symbols to be checked, special requirements of the project, etc).
A standard manuscript page is defined by most professional associations as being 8.5 x 11 inch, with 1.0 inch margins and the text in Times Roman 11 or 12 pt size and double-spaced lines. Based on this page definition, my estimated hourly work pace for various job functions is as follows:

Copy Editing:	5-1 pages
Developmental Editing:	3-5 pages
Proofing 1st Read:	6-8 pages
Writing:	1-3 pages

To obtain an estimate based on your specific project, please contact me.

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