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Logo / Web-site design companies abound in today’s marketplace; it can be a daunting task trying to choose who best to hire to create your business identity.

At LookCreative we understand that an original design is an abstract element and unique to the creativity of the designer involved. The client can guide the design concept to some extent, but it is the designer who will ultimately breathe life into the client’s idea or vision.

In many cases, however, the final product may speak to the designer, but not to the client!

This can lead to bad karma and complicate the terms of the original business agreement… Who needs that kind of unnecessary stress?!

So rather than running with the first company that promises cheap and fast results, it's our recommendation that clients shop around for designers who have produced artwork that speaks to the client’s own vision.

With this simple reasoning in mind, we invite you to view some of Robert’s logo and Web-site designs. You can also view his portfolio via the 3 links below. If his artwork speaks to you, then don't hesitate to contact us for your Web-site design needs.


Robert Chao's Portfolio: Apparels - Purchasing - Design

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